Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Update

I haven't updated this in a long time. Our church is now
seven months old. We have gathered a diverse group
of different viewpoints and beliefs. The teachings of
the scriptures and Jesus are routinely discussed with
regard to our modern world and existence. Everyone is
welcome without regard to belief. All we ask is that
you respect each other.

We have boldly examined issues and questions that
many churches have not been able to review: racial
reparations, sweatshops and labor, homelessness, poverty,
the current wars, practically loving enemies, civil religion, real freedom
of conscience, the American empire and its moral
consequences, and family values.

We look forward to future topics, such as the death
penalty, immigration, conflict reconciliation, and many
other current topics in the light of biblical and
scriptural teachings. We leave time for ample discussion
and comments. Also, we have dinners after our worship.
We'd love to see you. If you want a church that is unique and
relevant, this is your place. A Real Jesus for a Real World.
Come join us.


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