Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Moving On

I will try to blog more often. I haven't lived up
to my promise to this point. Things are
progressing. I have met many interesting
people, People who care and people with
passsion. God is alive and working.

Just some announcements. We will start
January 23rd at 5:00 PM with Manna
Seminary and worship. Our radio program
on KPRO 1570 AM will start on January 1.
Our ads are running on the UCR basketball
games. Also, we have a small ad in the
Christian Examiner and the UCR student
newspaper. In early March we will be
at the Missions Conference at Biola.
On Dec. 2, we will have a table at
University of Redlands.

I have spent some time connecting with
Christian groups on campus, as well as
community justice groups. It has been
a blessing to see people who are passionate
and committed to loving their neighbors.
When you talk with people from all
perspectives, you see that Jesus's name
is honored despite the more frequent use
of Jesus to push political and social causes--
most often (but not exclusively) by the Religious
Right. Most people appreciate prayer and
want to know about what the Bible and Jesus
taught. Most people would rather evangelicals
leave the politics behind.

Christians need to come out and reach out.
Rarely, have I encountered hostility. Also, the great
majority of hostility that I have encountered comes
from church people. The reasons seem to be
twofold: competition and hostility to our mission.
As far as competition, we have tried to be cooperative
with all those who we have been allowed to cooperate
with. However, the competitive spirit is strong. Unfortunately,
fellow Christians need to understand that we are all
on the same team. This is actually a biblical principles.
Secondly, too many evangelicals have swallowed whole
a false religion of American and Theocratic Nationalism.
Our mission is not to make America "Christians" but introduce
Americans to Christ. Our national and cultural fate is
in God's hand. We are to coperate with God's mission, not dictate
to God what our mission is and invite God to share it with us.

Also, too many Christians have become hostile to
the poor and the oppressed. We have a Christian duty.
Read the Bible cover to cover. You might find it interesting.
Short version. Read Deutoronomy 15 and Matthew 25: 31-46 and
on. You might find it interesting. Justice issues are frequently addressed
in Scriptures. Quite frankly, Jesus wouldn't want to spend too much
time in many of our churches. I hope He wants to spend time
in ours.

Have a Good Christmas. I hope to be seeing and working
with many of you in January and beyond.


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