Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Psalm 46

"Be still and know that I am God"

These words ring out to us from the Psalms (Psa. 46: 10).
Elections come and elections go. Presidents come and presidents
go. But, God remains and God reigns. Jesus told Pilate that His kingdom
was not of this world. If it were, His disciples would fight for it.

In the Sixties, I was pained to see those on the liberal left who
felt they owned God. I am no less pained to see those on the
Religious Right who now believe they have the deed to God.
The demographers tell us that both abortions and poverty
have increased. God is not pleased with either. Remember,
Republicans controlled the court when Roe v. Wade created the
"right" to abortion and widened it far beyond its original
language. The Religous Right has ruled the political landscape
while gay marriage has swept into our view faster than I thought
possible. In our website, we have posted the Barna study that
shows that divorce is higher among the church population than
the non-church population. So much for our "family values".

Remember, the Democrats ruled the political landscape
while the War of Poverty was fought and lost. Under the
Democrats universal healthcare never happened. The
Democrats never resisted the Republican march from
Roe v. Wade until today to widen the abortion holocaust.
In fact, the "right to choose" has become a Democratic
mantra, while Republicans have hypocritically been shedding tears
over the holocaust hoping to cover the fact that they've increased
the "right to abortion" through their courts ever since the Seventies.
(These are the facts like them or not)

War. Both parties agree. 'Nuff said. The dogs of war roam
free. Terrorism is on the march. The Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse roam our landscape.

What we have been left with is a more divided American than
I've ever seen. We as a church are weak and pitiful. We can
not reach out to our neighbor, because we view them as
"heathen" to conquer. Not surprisingly, the "heathen" don't
seem to appreciate us.

The culture wars will be stoked by this shameful period in our
history. Manna Church stands for peace within the culture wars.
However, we stand for higher ground, not common ground. Only
when we repent, can we begin to come together. To repent we
need to understand that none of us are righteous. Our country is
in trouble, because we are troubled. Our sin haunts us. No party
owns God. Unfortunately, God has no ownership of the hearts of
our parties, and He owns far too few of our hearts.

It is time we are still and know that God is God.


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