Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Moving On

This has been a busy two weeks. When God moves, you have to
get moving. We will have our Manna On the Air show on KPRO
1570 AM starting on January 1, 2005. Yeah, New Years Day.
This is a real answer to prayer. We will be coming on before the
UCR basketball games, which we will be sponsoring. So check out
the games and listen for our spot.

Also, we will have a small ad in the Christian Examiner for the next
six months. We have been putting flyers on the UCR campus and
surrounding campuses. We will be handing out brochures from
our table we hope to have in various venues, including UCR and the
Farmer's Market.

We are looking for a site to begin regular worship and house the
Winter Quarter of Manna Seminary. We have two classes ready to go
thanks to the help and ministry of Jack and Marilyn Gibson. Super
People. I hope you get to meet them. Pray for us as we continue with
that effort.

We have been busy contacting ministries on the UCR campus to lay the
groundwork for the Millenium 3.0 ministry. There are a number of
ministries working hard to spread the gospel to the campus. They
need your prayers. I will try to update people on a more regular basis.
In the meantime, continue to pray for us. God has been providing, oftentimes
faster than we can handle it.


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