Monday, September 20, 2004

Pastoral Corruption

I've read with interest the LA Times for the last two weeks. They have followed Paul Crouch, TBN, and
the latest lawsuit alleging Paul Crouch's homosexual affair. Sadly, the twin culprits of the ministry seem very
evident, sex and money. Sex, Money, and Power are probably the three greatest temptations for people in
power. Pastors and religious figures are clearly not immune. In fact, in a certain way, I believe those in
religious authority are presented a special temptation that all too many can't resist, the seeming ability to
have God on our side when we do wrong. Pastors need to realize they are in an area of double-service: (1) Service to the Lord Jesus; and (2) Service to the pastor's congregation. I don't see the room for arrogance or pride. Too many people look at a pastor and believe they see God instead of looking at the pastor to see a hand pointing toward God. When we don't point to God, we become entertainers, at best, or charlatans, at worst. Either way, we become useless.


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